Heart2Heart logo17 May 2015

Dear Friends

In one of the books I am reading about Missional Church, Alan Hirsch says that one of the great gifts God gave the early church was a simple “thing” to believe in.

It was as simple as: “Jesus is Lord”.

What did the Early Church believe?

They believed that Jesus is Lord. It was a simple statement of faith, a powerful claim to hold on to and a belief so strong that many lost their lives bearing witness to this truth.

Ascension is about this very claim. Jesus is Lord. Caesar is not Lord. Your work/job is not Lord. Money is not Lord. Your home, your car, even your view of what a perfect or appropriate lifestyle is, is not Lord. These have no claim over our lives. Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is not simply Lord of St Mungo’s, the Church or Sundays. Jesus is not Lord only of the sacred or the religious. Jesus is Lord over everything – weekdays and weekends, the Church and the world, sacred and profane, your body and your soul.

Hirsch writes that the power of that simple statement of faith (Jesus is Lord!) propelled the contagious Gospel to so inspire the Roman world that the Church grew out of all expectation. From 20 000 to 20 million in 200 years!

Can it be so simple? Could it be that you and I really need to simplify things? Is it possible that we should simply believe deep down in our hearts that Jesus is Lord? If we can honestly hold on to that, then maybe such a power will be released among us that the world would not be able to resist.

Let’s try it “Jesus is Lord!”

Let’s believe and see what happens.




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