Heart to Heart

Sunday 20 July 2014

Dear Friends,

Today has nothing to do with idealizing a man, it’s not a service to venerate former State President Nelson Mandela.  Today’s service and what follows does, however, recognise the power of a selfless act.  Today points to patterns of redemption in the life of a man who chose to use his influence to build a society for all.

So, we worship Jesus and give thanks for having witnessed selflessness first hand.  We confront our own selfishness and need to be entertained.  We come to worship in our work clothes and use our hands to do practical things which tangibly enact our love.  Welcome to worship today, a Sunday like no other.

In Philip Yancey’s powerful book, “What’s so amazing about Grace”, he points out that grace is not fair.  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s underserved and can’t be explained.  Grace just is. It is a gift.  It is extra.  It’s free but costs God a lot.

Christian worship is God’s gracious gift to allow us to bless God.  Christian service is an opportunity for us to be gracious.  We do it expecting no payment in return – it’s our gift.  It costs us but we give it freely.  In so doing, we imitate God.

Enjoy serving today.

With love to all of you.



___________________________________________________________________________ We’d love to get to know you, please introduce yourselves to our ministers, Selaotswe, George or Mukondi as they greet you at the door.

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