Heart to Heart

16 November 2014

Dear Friends

Next Sunday this time, a small group of St Mungo’s members will be travelling in the holy land. Since ancient times, Christians have been undertaking pilgrimages to Israel/Palestine. From the airport (landing on Sunday morning), we will be travelling to Caesarea by the sea where Peter saw a vision setting aside the kosher laws and where Cornelius, a Roman centurion became one of the first Gentiles to receive the saving grace of Jesus. It seems fitting for us to begin our pilgrimage there, where the Gospel became real for the Gentiles. From there to Mount Carmel where Elijah confronted the prophets of Ba’al. The one true God, Yahweh revealed himself as a blazing fire.

Nazareth, Jesus’ home town is next, followed by Cana where he embellished the wedding celebrations so that he became known as a “wine bibber and a friend of tax collectors” (Matt 11: 19). As evening approaches, we shall draw near to the Sea of Galilee where we will spend the next three nights.

Israel/Palestine is a broken place. Of all places on the earth, it displays our broken humanity – fought over, divided, violent but redeemable. Why should God decide to come among us? What have we done to warrant such sacrifice? Why should God not simply abandon us in justice? Instead we find ourselves deeply loved and bought back from sin.

May this be your enduring experience today – you were bought back from slavery and given your freedom.

God loves you – Praise Him!



We’d love to get to know you, please introduce yourselves to our ministers, Selaotswe, George or Mukondi as they greet you at the door.

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