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Sunday 27 July 2014

Dear Friends

On Wednesday this past week, as I was riding the stationary bicycle in the gym as if my life depended on it, I was watching CNN and especially its report on the fighting in Palestine. It’s a terrible, recurring, story of two groups of people, Israelis and Palestinians (Some Muslim and some Christian) who live on what one commentator called “the much-too-Promised-land”. Amidst the stories of violence and destruction, of missiles fired one way and missiles in retaliation, of teenagers killed – both Jewish and also Palestinian in retaliation – comes a different kind of a story. On Facebook, or some other social media, comes a series of messages from people in mixed marriages and families.

There is the couple where he is a Jew and she is an Iranian girl. They fell in love and now they’re married. In New York, two men – best friends : “I’m Jewish from Israel” says one sign, “I’m Muslim from Palestine” says the other. “Why can’t we all just get along?” And then there is the photo that finished me up and sent me turned me into a sobbing mess. A young girl with a sign to say that her father is Muslim and her mother is Jewish. “How can I be an enemy of myself?” It makes me desperate to see how we find ways of hurting each other.


In today’s text, the last in a six part series, Jesus crosses the line. He does what he is not supposed to do. He is not supposed to talk to an unknown woman. He is not supposed to associate with a Canaanite or a Syro-Phoenician. His culture doesn’t permit it. His better judgement suggests against it. Jesus crosses the line and then this foreign woman teaches him something about God’s love. Teach Jesus something? Yes – that’s what I think happened. I will explain in the sermon.

Welcome to worship.

With love



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