Heart to Heart

Sunday 17 August 2014

Dear Friends

We live in a day and an age where there is probably too much complexity. Very few things are simple and so, I suppose, in an attempt to cope, to keep from being overwhelmed, we simplify things. We simplify our lives, what we eat, where we go on holiday, what we get involved in etc. I enjoy cooking and so I follow this trend on cooking channels (TV), in magazines and other places. The trend is toward artisanal food, using only ingredients which can be sourced in one’s geographic area, and eating organic. I like this trend.

One can find this also in other places. In the world of the Church, the independent (single, unattached) churches are growing. There is a decline in denominationalism and a growing disinterest in the councils of the Church. We struggle to get ministers (even more, members of congregations) to serve on Presbytery or Regional Council much less contribute time and energy to the work that is required to keep these structures operational.

I was introduced to the Church as a denomination more than twenty years ago now and when I was ordained, I took seriously the vow to “take my place in its ruling councils”. It has not always been easy. Sometimes it has caused great hurt and unhappiness when confronted with church politics and distrust among colleagues but it has been a worthwhile journey.

Today, a brother and a friend is being sent from St James’ Bedfordview to be your minister for the day. He is sent by the Presbytery to remind you that you belong to a family of churches. Selaotswe and I will both be in   Soweto.  I trust that his presence will be celebrated and that you will give thanks that the Church of Jesus is not just here but everywhere on the earth. It is humbling to realise this – that in real, visible and practical ways, we have family all over this planet.

With love in Christ





We’d love to get to know you, please introduce yourselves to our ministers, Selaotswe, George or Mukondi as they greet you at the door.

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