Heart2Heart logo29 March 2015

Dear Friends

Today marks the end of our annual Stewardship Season. From 22 February until today, we have been studying the principles of Christian living according to scripture. The generosity of God’s chosen people as they built the temple, the story of the rich young man whom Jesus told to give up his great wealth, Paul to the Corinthians, praising them for giving even when it was hard: All these are examples of how you and I should live as Christians in the world.

God wants us to be generous. It makes sense. Frederick Buechner explains as follows:

“Avarice, greed, concupiscence and so forth are all based on the mathematical truism that the more you get, the more you have. The remark of Jesus that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) is based on the human truth that the more you give away in love, the more you are. It is not just for the sake of other people that tells us to give rather than get, but for our own sakes too.”

The more you give away in love, the more you are.

I often worry that you may not hear me, may not      understand me when I preach, may misinterpret what I say … And every time I take this fear to God, I clearly hear him say, “Don’t worry about that. It’s not your concern”. I need to trust God that you hear this right: God cares so little about keeping these doors open here at St Mungo’s. God is not worried about my Job. I can find another one. But God is very, very concerned about who we are and what we (and our children) are becoming.

The more you give away in love, the more you are.

Generosity is not about paying bills. It is about character formation and it affects the world we create around us.

Today is Commitment Sunday. Let’s commit to be generous.





We’d love to get to know you, please introduce yourselves to our ministers, Selaotswe, George or Mukondi as they greet you at the door.

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