Heart to Heart

26 October 2014

Dear Friends

I’ve cried some tears this morning before writing to you. The tears come from deep inside and I suspect that those same tears are wretched from the same place as Jesus’ tears when he lost his friend Lazarus. Warren Mendelow died on Wednesday night in the hospice in Houghton, finally succumbing to the cancer that he had been fighting for some time. Warren was 37. He leaves his wife Hayley and their little daughter, Rose. This is not the way it was supposed to be. And that’s why Jesus wept. Life is broken, twisted and unfair. Not only Warren’s family but also his friends are hurting. Warren has been a member of St Mungo’s since childhood. This piece is written by Brian Wren:

When grief is raw and music goes unheard,
and thought is numb, we have no polished phrases to recite.
In Christ we come to hear the old familiar words:
“I am the resurrection and the life.”

God, give us time for gratitude and tears,
and make us free to grieve, remember, honor and delight.
Let love be strong to bear regrets and banish fears:
“I am the resurrection and the life.”

The height and breadth of all that love prepares
soar out of time, beyond our speculation and our sight.
The cross remains to ground the promise that it bears:
“I am the resurrection and the life.”

All shall be judged, the greatest and the least,
and all beloved, till every hurt is healed, all wrong set right.
In bread and wine we taste the great homecoming feast,
and in the midst of death we are in life.

Could it be that God has changed our story? We who once were dead are now alive.



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