Alpha Course 

The Season of Advent has begun we are now in the period of waiting, a time of expectation and preparation. We are getting ourselves ready for the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. John the Baptist in Luke 3 administered a baptism of life change that will lead to forgiveness of sins. He then quote the words of Prophet Isaiah, the message puts it this way:

  • Thunder in the desert!

  • “Prepare God’s arrival!

  • Make the road smooth and straight!

  • Every ditch will be filled in,

  • Every bump smoothed out,§The detours straightened out,

  • All the ruts paved over.

  • Everyone will be there to see

  • The parade of God’s salvation.”



Cnr Willian Nicol Dr & Grosvenor Rd, BRYANSTON, 2191

South Africa


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Diepsloot Campus

Stand 1650, Cnr JB Marks & Inyoni Street, DIEPSLOOT EXT 4

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(Please note Google maps shows the address as cnr Apple & Mango St, Diepsloot West 1) 



Sundays 8am (Traditional)

Sundays 9.30am (Contemporary)

Sundays 2pm (Vernacular)


Kids programme at 9.30am service

Diepsloot Campus

Sundays 10am (Vernacular)

Kids Programme runs concurrent with service. 


 P O Box 67326



South Africa


+27 11 706 6108


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