About the Employment Bureau

The Employment Bureau provides an Introductory Service between employers and job seekers. It operates every Tuesday morning from 09h00 to 11h00 at St Mungo's Bryanston (cnr William Nicol Dr & Grosvenor Rd).


What you need to know as a possible Employer

You need to come in on a Tuesday morning between 09h00 and 11h00 as we are unable to take telephonic or email requests - if you read through the process below you'll understand why it works better in person.


When you arrive on a Tuesday you will see one of the consultants who will take you through the process. Briefly it works as follows:


  1. You tell the consultant what you require (full time or part time, live in or live out, child minder or care giver or gardener etc.) and they will look through the cards of the ladies or men there on the day. Up to 5 candidates, who best match your criteria, will be selected and called for an interview.

  2. Candidates will then be interviewed one at a time. Once you have made a short list, you must then contact the references to:

​a) Check that all is as the previous employer has said it is

b) Ask specific additional questions that are not covered by the letter of reference.


All job seekers must have:

  • An ID Book or be legally allowed to work in South Africa, if they are foreigners

  • A contactable written reference. The Employment Bureau ensures that they have a reference, but does not check or validate them; you will be expected to do that.


Should you decide to employ one of the candidates, the Employment Bureau asks for a donation. Currently the usual amount is R200.

If you are seeking any office staff, drivers, painters, handymen, pre-school assistants, cashiers, etc. the names of people we have registered on our books are listed in the link below. You may call them directly to set up an interview or come by on a Tuesday morning (9am to 11am) to interview potential candidates on the spot.

The Workplace - Click HERE


It is with regret that due to the Natural Disaster called by the Government as a result of the Corona Virus the Employment Burea will be closed until futher notice. 

What you need to know as a job seeker

You need to come to the Church at 08h00 on a Tuesday and be available until 11h00 each week, until you get a job.


For your first time you must arrive at 07h00 and bring your ID book (or your passport with a valid work permit or an asylum seeker form giving you permission to workin South Africa) and a legitimate letter of reference which must have the name of your previous employer and their current telephone number. Your reference must state:


  • Duration of employment

  • Duties performed by the employee

  • Characteristics of the employee


All references must be dated and signed. If the reference is from a company it should be on a letterhead.


You will join the queue to register and wait your turn. A consultant will interview you, read your letter of references and ask you some questions. Thereafter you will be given a Number - do not lose your Number and bring it with you every week.


The next time you come, you will stand in another queue and hand in your Number to the consultant who will pull out your card. These cards will be taken to the back office for the consultants who are assisting the employers to look through potential candidates.


You are welcome to come (at 08h15) for a short Church service and something to eat and drink at our Soup Kitchen.


We register domestic workers, gardeners, office workers, drivers, artisans (e.g. painters, builders), cashiers, waitresses, etc. on our books.


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South Africa


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